Collection lucky dolls

Collection lucky dolls

Our very versatile collection of good luck dolls guarantees a lot of luck. With us you will always find the nicest and latest lucky dolls. We also have a collection of dolls designed and published by ourselves. And there are new ones every year. Because we like to keep our collection special, we also design products that fit our collection. We have made tickets, stickers and noteblocs from the lucky dolls.

This way you can offer your customers a nice assortment full of happiness. 

You can order the dolls by species. You take at least 50 per type.


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  • Wooden lucky dolls
    Wooden lucky dolls

    Wooden lucky dolls as we know them from the old days. These cute wooden lucky dolls are fun to give someone a little bit of luck.

    Cheap lucky dolls are 16 mm in size and can be used for many occasions, such as a gift, as a treat,…

  • Original small lucky dolls
    Original small lucky dolls

    These cute wooden lucky dolls are about 12 mm in size and delivered in mixed colors. Note, these lucky dolls have a short string! Nice on a bunch of keys, with a card, treat, thank you at farewell at school or at a wedding. There…

  • Lucky doll middle size
    Lucky doll middle size

    Wooden lucky doll of about 3 cm with colored cords. The nice thing is that this happiness doll is just a bit bigger than usual, to wish someone a bit more luck! The lucky dolls are in various designs, where the difference is in…

  • Big wooden lucky doll
    Big wooden lucky doll

    Wooden lucky doll with colored strings of 4 cm. Colors may differ. These big lucky dolls are delivered per 50 pieces. Order them today in our wholesale.

  • Big wooden lucky dolls
    Big wooden lucky dolls

    Big lucky doll of 55 mm. That is really good luck! These ordinary lucky dolls are supplied in various colors and do not fit through the mailbox! Who are you going to give this great lucky doll?

    These big lucky dolls are delivered…

  • Lucky dolls
    Lucky dolls

    These cute lucky dolls are available in red, yellow, green, blue and pink. They are very cheerful and have a sweet little flower. Lucky Dolls are delivered per piece and assorted color. These lucky dolls are about 25 mm in…

  • Lucky cars
    Lucky cars

    Beautiful lucky cars are available in 4 different colors. These lucky cars are about 30 mm in size and are delivered in assorted colors. Passed the driving license, bought a new car or for someone who is going to take driving…

  • Dutch flag as a lucky doll
    Dutch flag as a lucky doll

    The Dutch flag as a lucky doll. Not only great for presents, but also very suitable for special Dutch days such as liberation day, King's Day or at international events, so that you can clearly show that you speak Dutch.


  • Globe lucky charm
    Globe lucky charm

    Globe lucky charm to wish someone a world full of happiness. And you wish everyone just that!

    A world full of happiness for everyone, the world would be even more beautiful. This globe is 20 mm in diameter. Who do you wish all…

  • Lucky bobbin charm
    Lucky bobbin charm

    Nice lucky bobbin for someone who makes the most beautiful things on the sewing machine, knitted something nice for you or someone who is "the bobbin".

    This lucky pendant is about 16 mm in size. Also great for stores that sell…

  • Lucky bag
    Lucky bag

    A bag of money? No, a bag full of happiness! An original lucky doll that would also be nice as the "Saint Nicolas or Santa bag" and so for many purposes. This lucky bag is about 24 mm in size.

    These bags full of happiness go per…

  • Little snowman lucky doll
    Little snowman lucky doll

    Snowman lucky doll of wood. This lucky snowman is about 21 mm tall and fun for a present, a treat or as a decoration in the Christmas tree. Possibilities enough for this fun lucky snowman!

    These cheerful snowmen are delivered per…

  • Lucky doll buddha
    Lucky doll buddha

    Lucky doll buddha of about 22 mm. Buddha symbolizes connection and gratitude in a friendship, a new beginning at a birth or a loving gesture to a sick friend or girlfriend. If you get a Buddha from someone you want a lot of…

  • Lucky Horseshoe
    Lucky Horseshoe

    Lucky Horseshoe of about 25x21 mm. The horseshoe has been known for centuries as a bringer of happiness, protector against evil and a symbol of hope, friendship and fulfillment of dreams. This horseshoe is hanging upside down so…

  • Lucky dice
    Lucky dice

    Lucky dice in different colors. These lucky dice are 16 mm in size and are delivered in assorted colors. Fun lucky dolls for the game lovers and who knows, which number will bring you luck? The dice full of luck are available in…

  • Lucky mobile phones
    Lucky mobile phones

    Lucky mobile phones are completely of this time. The smartphone is indispensable to our lives, so we had to include this happiness doll in our collection. And have you seen our nice card with this lucky smartphone? These are great…

  • Gold and silver lucky gifts
    Gold and silver lucky gifts

    Gold and silver colored lucky gifts of about 25x10 mm. The lucky gifts are assorted per piece. Besides the colored lucky dolls variant, we also have these gold and silver colored lucky gifts in the collection. Nice to hang a lucky…

  • Lucky doll
    Lucky doll

    Happiness lucky doll in different cheerful colors. A lucky matryoshka is approximately 18 mm in size and comes in assorted colors. This lucky doll is very nice on a card, to decorate a present with a bunch of flowers or just to…

  • Dutch lucky clogs
    Dutch lucky clogs

    Red white and blue lucky clogs. It can not be Dutcher! These lucky clogs are about 18 mm in size and are delivered in assorted colors.

    The lucky clogs are delivered mixed per 50 pieces.

  • Chimney sweeper lucky doll
    Chimney sweeper lucky doll

    This lucky doll chimney sweeper is about 16 mm in size and fun for a gift, treat or thank you. This chimney sweeper brings a bit of luck because it symbolizes prosperity and happiness. This claim probably comes from Engenland. A…

  • Lucky footballs
    Lucky footballs

    These lucky footballs are fun to hand out at a soccer tournament, to treat to a birthday or to hang a gift for a very tough boy! These black white lucky football balls are about 12 mm in diameter.

    The lucky football is delivered…

  • Lucky birds
    Lucky birds

    What a lucky guy if you get one of these lucky birds! These lucky birds are delivered assorted color and are about 20x15 mm. Always nice to make a lucky bird to a present, to a treat, a card or envelope to do. Order lucky birds,…

  • Lucky frog dolls
    Lucky frog dolls

    Lucky frog dolls with a white belly and pink cheeks. This wooden lucky doll is 20 mm and fun for a present, a card or as a treat, but also a key ring with a name to it a very unique and affordable gift and easy to send!


  • Lucky panda bears
    Lucky panda bears

    Sweet lucky panda bear of about 10 mm diameter. Fun for someone who loves panda bears. But of course also super on a gift, or on a ticket.

    In our lucky dolls wholesale these sweet panda bears per 50 pieces.

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