Lucky animals

Lucky animals

We not only have fun lucky dolls, but also a nice collection of lucky animals. From frog, penguin to ladybugs.

Again, you will receive 50 lucky animals per type. That is very lucky.


  • Lucky birds
    Lucky birds

    What a lucky guy if you get one of these lucky birds! These lucky birds are delivered assorted color and are about 20x15 mm. Always nice to make a lucky bird to a present, to a treat, a card or envelope to do. Order lucky birds,…

  • Lucky frog dolls
    Lucky frog dolls

    Lucky frog dolls with a white belly and pink cheeks. This wooden lucky doll is 20 mm and fun for a present, a card or as a treat, but also a key ring with a name to it a very unique and affordable gift and easy to send!


  • Lucky panda bears
    Lucky panda bears

    Sweet lucky panda bear of about 10 mm diameter. Fun for someone who loves panda bears. But of course also super on a gift, or on a ticket.

    In our lucky dolls wholesale these sweet panda bears per 50 pieces.

  • Lucky Horseshoe
    Lucky Horseshoe

    Lucky Horseshoe of about 25x21 mm. The horseshoe has been known for centuries as a bringer of happiness, protector against evil and a symbol of hope, friendship and fulfillment of dreams. This horseshoe is hanging upside down so…

  • Small lucky frogs
    Small lucky frogs

    Mini lucky frog of about 20 mm. These lucky dolls frog are very nice to a card, eg one of our lucky cards, but also a gift or bunch of flowers a fun trifle!

    This cheerful lucky frogs are packed per 50 pieces in our wholesale.

  • Small lucky doll ladybug
    Small lucky doll ladybug

    Mini lucky doll ladybug of about 20 mm. We have a large assortment of good luck ladybirds, big, mini, ordinary, as sticker, on cards or on the noteblocs.

    This sweet ladybug is delivered per 50 pieces.

  • Lucky bee
    Lucky bee

    Mini lucky bees of about 18 mm. A fun trifle with a card, a gift, jar of honey or in the grab bag! From the bees we also have nice extra products in our wholesale trade: look at the cards and noteblocs.

    The bees come humming with…

  • Rocking horse full of happiness
    Rocking horse full of happiness

    Cute rocking horse full of happiness. This nice lucky doll is available in various colors. The colors are: orange, red, blue, green, yellow (this is a mix assortment and you can choose or baby blue or baby pink.) Nice to attach to…

  • Lucky owls
    Lucky owls

    This owl looks around the world wisely. It is available in various colors: red, blue, pink, orange and purple. Lucky little owls always do fun on a present, on your keychain or just somewhere on the branch of your plant. We are…

  • Lucky owls flat
    Lucky owls flat

    These wise owls are available in 5 different colors. We found these owls so cool that we also had notebooks made. The notebooks are also available in our wholesale. Super nice gift to give together! These lucky owls are flat 25x26…

  • Fortune cats
    Fortune cats

    Lucky doll cat about 37 mm in size. Great for a gift, card or as a small something to wish someone extra happiness. Also nice for pet shops or gift shops. You will pleasantly surprise cat lovers.

    The cats come to you in 50 pieces…

  • Big lucky bee
    Big lucky bee

    Big lucky bee of about 37 mm. On top of the head are 2 cute rods. Fun lucky doll for a bag hanger, a key ring, a jar of honey or to pack another gift nice to pack!

    The big bees come per 50 pieces.

  • Large woorden lucky ladybug
    Large woorden lucky ladybug

    Large wooden lucky doll ladybug of about 28 mm. Nice lucky doll with just a size more. Certainly nice to hang on a gift, to a card, a treat or as a small gift in a grab bag.

    These cute ladybugs full of happiness, come per 50…

  • Big lucky mouse
    Big lucky mouse

    Wooden lucky doll mouse of about 34 mm. This cheerful mouse in blue version, is very suitable for various purposes. Fun for a birth, treat or as a little something in a grab bag!

    We deliver this lucky mouse from our lucky dolls…

  • Big lucky frog
    Big lucky frog

    This beautiful big lucky frog is about 35 mm high. Nice to decorate presents surprisingly, but also very suitable for a key ring or pouch. These cheerful quakers may simply not be missing in your store.

    These lucky frogs come to…

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