For the various holidays in the year we also have a lot of matching lucky dolls. This way you can not only accentuate your orders, but also these party lucky dolls are fun for your customers. This makes the holidays even more fun and full of happiness. We wish you lots of fun with figuring out the best luck dolls around the various holidays.

  • Saint Nicholas lucky dolls
    Saint Nicholas lucky dolls

    Saint Nicholas lucky doll of wood. Nice to decorate packaging of gifts, to a candy bag of Saint Nicholas or as a small shoe gift. Of course we also have lucky luck dolls and colored puppet lucky dolls! This lucky doll Saint…

  • Lucky bag
    Lucky bag

    A bag of money? No, a bag full of happiness! An original lucky doll that would also be nice as the "Saint Nicolas or Santa bag" and so for many purposes. This lucky bag is about 24 mm in size.

    These bags full of happiness go per…

  • Santa Clause lucky doll
    Santa Clause lucky doll

    Wooden lucky doll Santa of about 18 mm. Nice to hang on a card at Christmas, to decorate a present or to hang in the Christmas tree.

    The Santa Clauses are delivered per 50 pieces.

  • Lucky angels with wings
    Lucky angels with wings

    Adorable lucky little angel with wings for a card, a present or as a consolation gift to someone you love. This lucky angel is about 23x15 mm. Great for sweet moments, at farewell or at Christmas. The wings are also made of…

  • Fortune angel
    Fortune angel

    Fortune angel of wood. Wooden lucky dolls are always fun to give or receive, but a lucky angel is also often given as a guardian angel. These wooden lucky angels are about 17 mm in size and are often used at a communion or…

  • Good luck reindeer
    Good luck reindeer

    Good luck reindeer, a nice lucky doll to give to someone during the Christmas season, but also for all animal lovers a nice lucky doll for a little something, a card or for a grab bag! This lucky doll reindeer is about 22 mm in…

  • Lucky candles
    Lucky candles

    Lucky candles to indicate that you are thinking of someone, but also to send someone a light during dark days, like Christmas days. These lucky candles are about 25 mm in size. These candles are also very suitable for light…

  • Gold and silver lucky gifts
    Gold and silver lucky gifts

    Gold and silver colored lucky gifts of about 25x10 mm. The lucky gifts are assorted per piece. Besides the colored lucky dolls variant, we also have these gold and silver colored lucky gifts in the collection. Nice to hang a lucky…

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